7.62x51mm NATO vs .308 Cartridge


7.62x51mm NATO vs .308 cartridge, what is the difference?Steve Redgwell is an accomplished author, ammunition reloader and firearms expert. While the Military 7.62x51mm NATO cartridge can be interchanged with the .308 Civilian cartridges in some circumstances, it can also be dangerous.

I had the chance to talk with Steve a few years ago about this article and gained an insight to reloading. I had assumed that they were close enough, but the devil is in the details. Steve’s website contains a wealth of information on Military firearms and reloading information.

Steve fully explains the difference, safety procedures, and proper checks on his website http://www.303british.com/id36.html
Also check out his website and book store.

SPEAR Tactical Development Group has written permission to repost from Steve’s registered website.

-Victor See More


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