Individualized First Aid Kits (IFAK)

IMG_3982 I strongly believe that everyone should have a first aid kit that is always stocked and maintained. Especially If you have kids, participate in outdoor activities of any kind, and most definitely if you work around firearms in any capacity. Ofcourse it is important that you educate yourself on how to use your equipment, by reading or preferably taking a First Aid course appropriate for the type of activities you are involved in. After that; making sure you have all the ‘right’ items in your kit.

There are many pre-packed kits available out there and it’s often hard to know which is right for you. Perhaps more than one kit, depending on the various situations you find yourself in.

I do not claim to be a SME on this topic at all but I just thought I’d share with you guys what I carry in my IFAK and open up this topic for discussion.


I decided to build my kit from scratch, based on the activities I most commonly do (hanging out with my son, hiking, camping, shooting sports etc). I wanted a kit that was fairly compact so that it was easy to take with me and didn’t add too much weight. I chose a GP pouch made of 1000d cordura with molle compatible straps for easy attachment to the waist band on my pack or to my first line battle belt. When stowing it in a bag for less risky activities I attach a multitool along with my EMT shears to the molle on the back. The pouch itself is only about 4″x4″x3″. One might also wonder why I doubled up on several items; my reason for this is that those items are some of my more frequently used items, so I have a primary for easy access and a “back up” usually in a water-tight bag.

Below is a comprehensive list of what I carry in my IFAK:

In water/air tight bag:
-wound closure strips
-medical tape
-adhesive fabric bandages
-conforming gauze
– sterile dressing
-non-adherent sterile dressing
– tincture of Benzoin Topical Adhesive
-antiseptic wipes
-AfterBite ointment
-sterile gloves
-hand wipes
-moleskin, pre cut and shaped
-safety pins
-duct tape

Individually wrapped:
-triangular bandage (non sterile)
-compressed gauze
-sterile compression bandage
-QuickClot ACS

Easy access pack:
-extra strength non-aspirin
-bacitracin Zinc Ointment USP

– CAT (combat application tourniquet) *attached to APC*

-EMT shears
-Callum Glow stick
-Tylenol 3
-extra strength Tylenol
– Chapstick
– water purification drops
-emergency blanket See More


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