Oakley SI Gloves

The SI Assault Glove from Oakley’s Tactical Line of products was designed with the modern day warfighter in mind. It features a combination of many elements that have never been seen in one glove before.
Oakley Tactical is a well reputed manufacturer of tactical gear, including footwear, gloves, and of course eyepro and they are constantly adding to this list.
Oakley’s goal was to create a versatile glove that could withstand the rigorous requirements of the modern soldier. To do this Oakley incorporates many features that make this arguably one of the most popular glove used in combat theater today. Military protective gloves have special requirements and the SI Assault Gloves have many useful features such as the rugged micro-vented leather palm reinforced and carbon fiber knuckle plating.  Premium leather and durable synthetics with flexible articulated construction.  Mesh zones and rubber exhaust ports for comfortable breathability.  Surfacing on palms and fingers for a secure grip plus textured pull for easy donning.

• Nonrestrictive Airprene® mid-height cuff with secure Velcro® closure. – Low Profile Velcro Hook Closure minimizes abrasion on clothing or snagging. The wrist adjustment tab is low profile and secure though I found the cuff height a bit too high for my taste especially when trying to access my watch.

• Though most commonly seen in either black or tan, the Oakley site states that they are also available in Coyote Brown, and Foliage Green
• Finger Air Vents – Rubber grommets located just below the first knuckle of each finger, these air vents provide just the right amount of air circulation to counteract overheating in arid AO’s.

• Molded, punched neoprene finger ridges – These are expansion joints on the fingers which allow the fingers to be bent without restricting them or overstressing the stretch fabric.

• Mark suede finger surfaces – Suede finger tips on both the index and middle finger provide the wearer with the maximum finger protection without the loss of too much tactile functions. (I am able to operate my iPhone touch functions while wearing this glove.

• Air mesh vents – these mesh vents line the inside of each knuckle vent, this prevents any unwanted dirt and debris from entering the glove while still allowing the air to pass through.

• Sonic welded – proprietary technology used by Oakley to ensure maximum durability of the seams while maintaining a low profile.

• Carbon knuckle protector – similar to designs found on many motorcycle gloves this feature saves your knuckles from up to moderate impacts and will absorb some of the impact from heavier blows. The insides of these are covered in a felt type fabric that are comfortable and provide just a bit more cushioning.

• Single Layer Palm – Designed so that only one layer of material contacts your shooting grip. – the material used on the palm is a made of goatskin leather  that contain thousands of small indentations to provide extra gripping support. The palm is surprisingly durable considering how thin this material feels and is capable of withstanding a lot of abuse. They are not however a suitable glove for fast roping or activities that subjects the palm to high friction or heat (for that Oakley does make a Fast Rope Glove). Note that these gloves (SI assault gloves) have no fire retardant qualities.

The Oakley SI Assault Glove is not a cold-weather glove; and best used in hot-mild temperatures. While obviously better than bare hands in cold temperatures do not expect your fingers to stay warm for very long. I recently used these on a recent hike in late January with the temperature at about -6C (21.2F) and after about 10 minutes it was as if I didn’t have any gloves at all.

Overall the Oakley SI Assault Glove is a robust feature-laden glove that is both stylish and functionally versatile. At the MSRP of up to $100+ it is a bit too pricey in my opinion but if you are an LEO or MIL customer you are able to purchase these for about half that in which case they are defiantly well worth it. As a shooters glove, I found the trigger finger still a bit too thick and often found the tips catching slightly on the trigger guard even for someone with hands that are a bit on the smaller side. Many shooters choose to chop the finger tips off the trigger finger for this reason in which case the aforementioned issue is nullified. Personally though, I do preffer the fit of my Original Mechanix Gloves and at less than a third of the cost they are hard to beat. But still, for those of you that require alot of ‘hands on’ interactions with people this glove would be one of my top choices, but if you plan to use these as your primary shooting glove I would strongly suggest either cutting the trigger finger tip off or you can try buying a size smaller than what you would normally wear and just soak the gloves in luke warm water and then allow a bit of  ‘wear in’ time to get them to fit just right.

Spot a “Fake”:

* Fake Glove on Left
Fake glove on right:


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