Tactical Tailor MAV and X-harness Review


I thought I would do a bit of a write on my chest rig. I’ve been running a Tactical Tailor MAV Complete with X-harness for a couple years now. Simplicity rules with the TT MAV, it’s well built, tough, and affordable for a good quality chest rig. I’ve put mine through hell and it’s still running strong. The Old Man picked up the two piece MAV a while back and he loves it as well. wpid-testUpload.pngThe CF bought and issued a bunch of them for the Battle group a while back and the CF troops I know still talk about them, and have mostly good things to say. One big advantage to the TT MAV, is that it adjusts down for the really skinny guys. Fits as small as a 30″ waste.

For mag pouches I had always favored the TT universal pouch, but I recently picked up some HSGI Taco’s and I have yet to look back. For those of you who have not heard of the Taco, simply put, it is a universal magazine pouch. But with the Taco you get more than just a universal magazine pouch, these things can hold almost anything. Magazines, multi-tools, snacks, smoke, flashlights, cell phones, cameras, you name it… They come in a several configurations. Single Rifle Taco, Double Rifle Taco, Double Taco Rifle/Pistol, & Single Pistol Taco. They also come in a variety of different colors and camouflage patterns.

For anyone looking for a well built, durable, and reputable chest rig, with a lifetime warranty, that’s made in the USA, check out the Tactical Tailor MAV, and for anyone looking for some seriously high speed magazine pouches check out HSGI Taco’s now.wpid-testUpload.png



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