Tavor TAR 21 Bullpup (19″ barrel) Review

Range testing the Tavor TAR 21 Bullpup with 19″ barrel.

Watch the Video here:


This review is not to compare apples to oranges but how it is to adapt to the ergonomics for users coming from the AR-15/M4 platforms.  I am working on the video and have used an AR-15 SBR 11.5″ barrel for the comparison.

Both the Tavor and the AR-15 SBR have less than 200 rounds through each.

Basic weight” 8 lbs, trigger pull, approx. 10 lbs but breaks crisply every time.

+ The Tavor is heavier that the SPR but most of the weight is at the rear and when at the shoulder it moves nicely between target arrays.  I found it was more natural to swing the Tavor than the SBR.

The ergonomics and controls of the Tavor are not as smooth as the SBR.

= Selector switch: of both are about the same, operated with the thumb.

– Trigger: stiff trigger at approx. 10 lbs. and breaks cleanly.  According to videos online, a spring can be removed to reduce the trigger pull.  I did check out those videos and pulled my trigger pack out (2 pins and the whole trigger pack comes out easily) but my trigger pack is a newer version and there is no second spring that can be removed.  Timney triggers does makes an aftermarket self contained trigger pack with a 4 lb pull.

+ Cocking handle: Non reciprocating on the left side and can be racked easily without losing your check weld or moving from target.  Cocking handle can be converted to opposite side.

+ Bolt release: Is located rear of the magazine well, and can be easily actuated with thumb as the magazine in inserted without having to re index.

– Magazine release: It is located at the front of the magwell. and it does take some time in getting used to it.  Magazine changes are  un-natural and the left hand has to come back to release the magazine prior to grabbing the new magazine.

Overall the time for magazine changes are about the same, this is due to the both release can be actuated as the magazine is homed and the weak hand can go directly back to the fore grip verses on the SBR of the weak hand going to actuate the bolt release, then going to the fore grip and then the strong hand striking the forward assist and then back to the pistol grip.

As with any platform, practice is the key. The body mechanics are different between the two but can easily be mastered.

Overall I do really like this platform as it has more pros than cons.



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