The Extended Range Operator Pack Review


My respect for Tactical Tailor has been growing for some years now. IMO their gear is some of the best you can find, not only in quality but in design as well.

The Extended Range Operator Pack is an internal frame pack with an interesting clamshell style opening, the bonus here is it can be used like a top loader, but when you want access to the entire pack, just open the compression straps and the whole pack becomes accessible in moments.

There are dual directional zippers that run about 3/4’s of the way down each side of the pack. This allows access the main compartment from the top, or the sides. It has several pouches lining the inside walls of the pack, 2 mesh pockets on each side of the main compartment, as well as a large mesh pocket and one more smaller ppocket on the inside of the lid. Of course it also has a large external pouch on top of the lid. There is a separate storage area for a hydration bladder.

There is a hidden velcro compartment on the top outside of the pack that contains a pull out VS-17 (orange) type marker panel for emergencies. The bottom inside of the pack is lined with a similar material to brighten up and make finding things in the bottom of the pack easier (It’s amazing how well this works).

The pack has nicely padded shoulder straps and waist belt, and is equipped with quick release buckles and adjusters. The waist belt is non-removable, but it does have a couple of columns/rows of MOLLE webbing for attaching magazine pouches or other items/pouches to the outside of the belt. The sternum strap is easily adjustable for chest position, and the waist belt, shoulder straps, and back area are all covered with a breathable mesh material that makes it a bit more pleasant to wear in the heat.

The outside of the pack itself has MOLLE webbing on each side and all the way down the back and bottom of the pack. There are a total of 6 compression straps (2 on each side and 2 on the bottom). Tons of expansion capability with the addition of external pouches. All the hardware such as the buckles, zippers, etc., is all color matched. TT add’s 550 cord pulls to all the zippers as well.

I have been using this pack for over a year now, at 51L it works well for anything up to and including 3 day trips, but is also small enough for those heavy loaded day hikes. A few things I do not like is the non-removable waist belt, and the area the shoulder straps attach to the pack is non adjustable for the length of your back, this means if your shorter than 5’8″ then the pack is probably not for you. Last but not least it’s a cordura pack and is very durable overall this doesn’t exactly put it into the “ultralight” category as far as back backs go, so it could be lighter in weight, but of course then it wouldn’t be as tough. Otherwise, a great pack that will last a lifetime, that comes highly suggested.

-Steve See More


One thought on “The Extended Range Operator Pack Review

  1. MiamiC70 says:

    I have had this pack for a while and just a few tweaks by Tactical Tailor would have made it even better and I don’t understand why they have not implemented them after all the time this pack has been on the market.

    1. The waist strap is just too short and the “wings” on the belt should extend farther.
    2. Why are there no rain flaps along the zippers??? TT put them on the smaller Modular Operators Pack and Removable Operators Pack but not this one which makes no sense.
    3. VS-17 is cool but what this needs is a rain cover!


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