FAB Defense KPOS Kit Review for Glock Pistols.

FAB Defense KPOS Kit Review for Glock Pistols.
The KPOS kit comes with:
Main housing, folding butt stock, folding forward grip, single point sling, Glock back plate, side cocking handle and plastic case.
The KPOS converts a Glock pistol into a PDW or sub gun. There is also a version for the Sig Saur pistol.

The KPOS houses the Glock pistols, this particular kit will fit the Glock 17/19/34/35 models. It takes about 20 minutes or less to assemble. Remove and replace the backing plate, insert the pistol into the main housing, insert back locking plate, lock the forward lock, insert cocking handle and you are ready to use.
The main housing, back plate and locking plate, and folding Butt stock are manufactured out of high grade aluminum with a blued finish. The sling point sling is well made bungee type. The original fixed sights can be used but it comes with picatinney rails on top, both sides and bottom forward to mount optics, forward grip, lights and other accessories.

The KPOS when assembled is well balanced and points easily and can be used with one hand folded up. When fired from the shoulder it is very stable with little felt recoil or muzzle climb. I have tested this with my Glock 17 (9mm) and Glock 35 (.40 S&W) out to 200 yards and it can easily hit man sized targets. At closer ranges it is stable and very accurate.

Overall this is a very good kit if you’re in the market for something different. The quality of the construction and workmanship is very good. I really like this kit a lot and is lots of fun to shoot. It retails for approx. $400.00 and can be purchased at Wolverine Supplies.



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