Fox Vital Plate Carrier Setup


This is my “Fox Vital” plate carrier. It is a well made piece of equipment and holds 10″x12″ plates front and back, 6″x8″ plates or soft armor in each side, and a cumber pouch area. Also featured are quick release drop buckles.


I am currently carrying:

(2) 10″x12″ Lvl 3A plates (front and rear);
(2) ATAC double mag pouches (front);
ATAC double pistol pouch (front top strong side);
(1) 15 round 9mm magazine;
Gerber Multi-tool (In pistol pouch);
Radio pouch with Motorola GP340 radio (strong side);
6″ stiletto dagger (strong side);
Tourniquet (strong side);
IFAK (weak side);
Benchmade seatbelt/cord ripper (front top weak side);
(7) 30 round AH-47 magazines ( 4 in pouches and 3 in cumber);

Serpa drop leg holster (strong side);
S&W SW9VE 9mm semi auto pistol;
Surefire KX4 C2 Centurion LED light;
Benchmark 4″ auto opening folding knife;

PGST Kevlar helmet;
Surefire helmet LED/IR red/white/IR light.

I also carry (2) 15 round 9mm magazines (belt weak side) and (2) cell phones.

This is my load when running the roads, it is balanced and I have no problems wearing it 11 hours at a time.




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