Gear Addict


It has become quite apparent to me that in the past little while that I seem to have developed a severe addiction to high speed gear. Specifically Arc’teryx LEAF. The first step to dealing with the problem, is admitting you have a problem……;)


(above: E-220 Riggers Harness in action repelling off the summit of Mt. Arrowsmith)

The following is a list of some the of insanity, I may do more in depth reviews of some of these items at a later date. I’m 5’9″ and 160lbs, everything listed is a size MEDIUM, except for the Alpha Jacket which is a Large.

Note: All Arc’teryx LEAF gear is available to Military and LEO’s at 20% off MSRP

Drac Pants and Jacket

(below, Drac Pants and Jacket)



Arc’teryx LEAF Drac Soft Shell Jacket in Crocodile:
Truly a versatile jacket. Highly breathable, un insulated, BDU alternative. The fabric refuses to hold water and the DWR resists anything but a heavy down pour. This is my every day jacket. 15″ pit zips for ventilation. Stand up collar protects neck from slings. Shoulder pockets with Velcro patches. Wind resistant. Perfect Spring or Fall jacket when combined with a light insulating layer. Great stand alone piece for warmer temps. 1lb 7oz


Arc’teryx LEAF Drac Soft Shell Pants in Crocodile:
One thing I can say about these pants is WOW, the built-in gaiters are amazing, i’d say even batter than the gaiters on the Alpha pant. The way it works is very cool, there is two cuffs, one draws tight around the ankle and then the other pulls over the first and around the boot to form the gator keeping snow and other debris out of your boots. The built in knee pad pockets work great and are more than durable enough, and with the hard use I put the knees through it amazes me they are not frayed or deteriorating. Un-real amount of pockets, same quick dry material as the jacket, refuses to hold water. DWR is great, seems to renew with washing instead of fading like cheaper DWR’s. Weight 1lb 13.3oz

Alpha LT

(Below: Alpha LT on a wet day. Great light rain or wind jacket under a PC or LBE. Perfect for humid, wet conditions due to it’s light weight and large pit zip vents)

check out our in depth look at the Alpha LT here:


Alpha Jacket and Pants

Arc’teryx LEAF Alpha Gore-Tex Jacket and pants in Multi-Cam:

This past winter I finally put the Alpha jacket and pants through some harder use, and I can tell you from the use they have seen that they are each truly a specimen of quality and craftsmanship, as the pictures show, the jacket packs to be about double the size of the Alpha LT but still can be packed into a very compact stuff sac. Stow able hood fits very comfortable even more so than the Alpha LT. Excellent jacket for all day extended nasty weather. Excellent DWR on the Gore material, sheds snow quickly. Huge pit zips dump excess heat in a hurry, so it breaths amazing, and can be worn in humid conditions. Water tight zippers through out. Weighs 1lb 7.7oz

The Pants:
Same quality as the jacket. Built in Gaiter. Durable crampon protector around the inside of the cuff. Two thigh pockets. Full leg length water tight zippers for putting on with boots and dumping excess heat, or hiking in hot and humid rainy conditions. Built in belt. Weighs 1lb 1.6oz

(below: Alpha Jacket pants, and  jacket next to their stuff sacks)


(below: Packed, next to rifle for scale)



Atom LT CORE Loft Jacket (Crocodile)

Arc’teryx LEAF Atom LT Core Loft Jacket:
When it get’s cold, I layer up with an Atom LT, these jackets are again a truly light weight clothing article, with a warmth to weight ratio to rival any. They pack smaller than fleece and weigh less, yet offer wind and weather resistence that even a high quality fleece cannot dream of. DWR is amazing again, and will hold up to anything but a full on down pour. Jacket packs inside it’s sleeve, or inside it’s chest pocket. Same softly lined collar for sling protection. Perfect as a warm mid layer under a gore-tex shell or a shoft shell jacket. These are so awesome I actually have two of them, one in black and one in Croc. Plus I bought the wife one too. The black one in the picture is it packed into it’s chest pocket. Weight 11.5oz


Arc’teryx LEAF E-220 Riggers Harness

Light weight riggers belt, comes in handy for quick short repels, or any activity that may require a harness quickly, as you do not need to remove your boots to put them on. Slide the accompanied leg loops on and clip the system together with a carabiner and it becomes a fully certified climbing harness. Simply wear the belt, then add or remove the leg loops when required. Weight, belt alone: 5.3oz. Total weight with leg loops included: 8.6oz



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