How to properly use a SERPA Holster


There are many who say that the Serpa L2 holster is dangerous and that it is not allowed on ranges/courses in North America. This devise only requires gross motor skills to use properly but I have seen many professional and novice shooters use it incorrectly. For competition a shooter does not need it but if he/she chooses then learn to use it properly and enjoy safe and fun shooting.
For the 2 years over here in Afghanistan this the most used holster I have seen. Yes it has certain detractors, but overall it is a secure fast holster for me.


Most common mistakes when using a Serpa L2 Holster:


1. Incorrect finger manipulation of the release button. Finger is crooked and only the tip of the finger is indexing the release button and can slip into trigger on draw;

2. An all around grip on pistol grip and an attempt to draw pistol before release button is activated;

Note: if the timing on the release button happens after draw is attempted the release lock cam will not disengage, the shooter is inducing the jam. Because the pistol cannot release from the holster, panic will set it with the time lost on the draw, and to rectify this situation the pistol must be pushed back into the holster and then activate the release button. If the finger is still crooked there is a chance that it may slip into the trigger and have an ND.

Proper use of the Serpa L2 Holster:

1. Trigger finger is completely extended and pressure is exerted onto the bottom of the whole finger. this will automatically engaging the release button;


2. An all around grip of the pistol grip is attained and then the pistol is drawn;


3. The trigger finger is automatically indexed along the slide and cannot accidently engage the trigger;


4. A nice smooth draw is attained with your gross motor skills.

It is important to completely understand your equipment completely and practice with it as learning to use it under stress can be fatal.

The release mechanism can fill with debris when crawling in dirt and gravel, use your situational awareness and take it off your leg/waist and put it in your chest rig, be smarter than the dirt your crawling on or the equipment you use.

This holster is not for everyone and if you use it, use it properly.



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