LBT 6094A Slick

LBT 6094A Slick


General Features:

LBT (London Bridge Trading Company) has always had a long standing relationship with the SEAL community and have collaborated with NSW on several projects including the 6094, the 6094Slick and the 1961A-R, and have built many of their items based the requests and feedback from SEAL operators. So much so that quite a number of LBT’s product labels and printed materials have included the “NSW” acronym in their product labels.

Overall Description

6094 Slick is broken down into 2 sizes A = S/M, B = L/XL. The Slick is a low profile, light weight , plate carrier (PC) and can be described as a stripped down version of LBT’s standard 6094 PC. The Slick has everything you would want in a low vis PC with nothing of what you don’t. It is very non-restrictive and for a plate carrier that has no added padding or even shoulder pads it is surprisingly very comfortable.

The Slick is comprised of  three main parts; an elastic cumberbund and front and rear panel . It is designed to carry plates with backers if necessary Both panels have an “Operator cut” meant to conform to SAPI cut plates and are angled in at the top.

(While SAPI plates are arguably the most common some prefer shooter/swimmer cut plates if only for the mobility gained when shooting and accessing various kit. Keep in mind though, that the mobility gained from Swimmer/shooter cut plates are diminished slightly with the use of soft armor intended for ESAPI plates) features a built in pocket behind the Velcro loop panel where the cummerbund is secured and another one under the admin panel. )

Slick carrier has an over the head design and is secured via two vertical shoulder straps and then adjusted by pulling the elastic cummerbund inward onto a velcro loop panel. All but the first version of the Slick have a Cordura flap retention bib that goes over the area where the two elastic side straps meet. The shoulder strap length can also be adjusted via two locking pass through buckles at the top rear panel.


The Slick PC pictured here is a Version 2 design but I should mention that there are two other versions of the Slick the latest one, (version 3) being released 2 years ago. While the general shape and designs between each gen remained the same, there are a few slight differences between each version. For the second version of the Slick LBT decided to reduce the plate carrier’s overall weight by using 330 Denier Cordura rather than the 1000D that the first version was made of. The second version also saw the addition of a front bib that flipped down over the front where non removable cummerbund meet securing both elastic straps. The Admin pouch’s flap is vertically larger on the second version as well allowing more real-estate for IFF patches ID tags. While the first version had no Molle webbing at all, the second version has three at the top and one about 2 inches from the bottom of the back panel. Side pouches capable of holding side plates as well as two standard AR magazines per pouch are available separately through LBT. (the earlier versions of these side plate pouches are slightly smaller and cannot fit any magazines)The latest version of the Slick, was released in 2013 and features a wider bib flap spanning the entire width of the Slick, a smaller admin retention strap (roughly half the width of the ones found on the second version) and a removable cummerbund for easier replacement (previous versions, including the gen 2 pictured here had the elastic cummerbund fixed to the rear panel of the plate carrier)

Front Plate Pouch – The Slick has a 5” x 6”admin panel with a velcro loop square on the front for multiple identification tags . Underneath the admin panel is a utility slot pocket that is 5″ deep with a velcro closure, and is intended to be used as a multipurpose slot pocket which can fit a HALO Nav board, Chemlights, GPS, or Credentials which can be accessed from underneath the admin panel.

The front panel also has seven retention loops two of which are meant to secure the front hangers on LBT’s Quick Release Assault Panel, and double as routing points or for securing a variety of other things such as a blade antenna, com wires, drinking tubes etc. At each upper corner of the front plate pouch is a 2″ wide shoulder strap, which connects it to the rear plate carrier.

Both the front and rear plate pouches have single compartments for a plate; there is no separate compartment for a plate backer or soft armour. Inside the compartment is an adjustment strap to adjust the height of the plate, if the plate is shorter than the compartment. The strap velcros inside the pocket and suspends the plate so that it’s at the top of the pocket. The flap at the bottom is then secured with Velcro

Rear Plate Pouch – The rear plate pouch also has a flap, like the front one, under which the cummerbunds attach with velcro. The rear panel has six columns and three rows of PALS webbing on the top area, and there is one more row of PALS at the very bottom. At the top corners of the rear panel are 2.5″ wide cinch buckles used to adjust the length of the shoulder straps.

Cummerbund – The cummerbund is made of a 5″ wide double-layer of heavy duty elastic which is connected to the lower rear panel. The elastic allows for some ‘give’ and variability when donning the plate carrier over different clothing.

At the front of the cummerbund is the velcro flap that secures it to the front plate pouch. The velcro flap wraps around and attaches to the velcro area on the front plate pouch under the front flap. The front flap then folds down and secures the cummerbund in place. All girth adjustment is done at the front, and can be quickly attached and detached as needed to ensure that correct fit is achieved.

Shoulders – The shoulder straps of the Slick are unpadded for a very low profile (but I personally have added a set of Eagle Industries shoulder pads for added comfort over long use). The 2″ wide webbing strap sewn to the front plate pouch goes through the 2″ common loop on the rear plate pouch, then secures down to itself via velcro. Ride-height adjustments are made with the shoulder straps. LBT does make padded shoulder pads that are available separately and for use as replacement pads on other carriers.


(An old photo of me wearing an issued tactical vest over body armour)

Initial Observations and Conclusion – I started using the Slick about 2 years ago after deciding to switch to a lower profile plate carrier. The previous armor carrier set ups I was used to were very bulky, and often made me feel like the Michelin man. From my time in the Infantry where we wore the standard issued PSP Frag Protective Vest worn under a Army issued Tac vest to later picking up an Eagle Industries CIRAS (land) chest rig. My first impression of the Slick was how much lighter and smaller it was compared to previous PC’s I was used to. All stress points are bar-tacked, and everything about the Slick is designed in such a way as to create the lowest profile possible.

I installed 2 medium Lvl IIIA ceramic SAPI plates (10″ x 11″) in the front, and in the rear. I’m 5′ 7″, 175lbs) I have a 42″ chest, 30″ waist). In keeping with the low profile design of the rig I started out wearing the Slick as a plate carrier only and running all my gear off my battle belt which was huge difference in comparison to my previous setups which essentially all but restricted my mobility in any shooting position other than standing or kneeling.

Because of the angled cut of the top front panel it allows enough shoulder area to comfortably position the rifle stock outside of the plate or shoulder strap area, rather than having to hook it behind the plate or on the carrier itself I have had to with past setups. Because there are no bulky mag pouches of the front of the PC and its low profile design, I regained so much mobility and ease when assuming any type of shooting position. This became particularly apparent when working the V-Tac 9 hole board.

In conclusion, the Slick is an awesome plate carrier, that is incredibly versatile and yet is relatively quite affordable at under $200USD. If you want to run the Slick as more of an all in-one platform there are a few options, I have included a two of the most common ones as well as my own DIY add on below. I would recommend picking up a pair of the LBT side plate pouches if you plan on using the Slick exclusively.

(below: I initially wore the Slick and ran my mags and other gear off a HSGI non-ballistic low profile belt. Items on the belt: Safariland holster, 3x Eagle Industries double M4 pouch, double pistol mag pouch, ATS small medical pouch, and dump pouch.)




If you want to run the Slick as more of an all in-one platform there are a few options:

The first is; LBT Quick Release Assault Panel (QRAP)

General Features:

Designed for use with the 6094 SLICK and 6094 Low Vis Plate Carriers, but can be used with any modular attachment system Super low-profile rig without the hassles of extra shoulder straps The Q.R.A.P. features a hook and loop sleeve that incorporates easily interchangeable magazine inserts which hold either of the included pouches: Speed Draw Triple 7.62 magazine pouch Speed Draw Quadruple 5.56 magazine pouch Utilizes National Molding’s Molle-T™, replaceable side release adapters allowing ultra-quick donning and doffing (Spare set of Molle-T™ are available) The front of the panel is configured with modular attachment points (for mounting extra equipment) Easy-to-secure waist strap can be adjusted with one-handed pull, and slack is secured via hook and loop “one wrap” Made of 500 Denier Cordura® Total weight: 1.09 lbs Overall Dimensions: 9″ L x 24″ W x 2″ H


Next is the LBT-1961A-R

General Features: Harness with Zipper Mod and Removable Suspenders Mini Hydration Pack (LBT-2649A) “picture is not shon” Medium Hydration Pack (LBT-2649B) (All Interchangeable) magazine pouches, flaps with hook and loop closure Two radio pouches with ¾” webbing and side release adjustable closure and reinforced outside corners Two pouches for night vision goggles/5590 batteries, flaps with hook & loop closure, removable elastic closure, located in front of radio pouches Two additional utility/fragmentation grenade pouches on the outside of NVG/battery pockets with webbing and side release closure for added security Rear map pockets with hook & loop closure contains a concealed holster Shoulder straps (side release front/back adjustable, rear shoulder strap horizontal adjustable hook & loop, padded, antenna wire guide/hydration bladder hose each side hook & loop closure) Zipper in middle of vest for quick and easy donning and removal Adjustable one inch webbing waist strap with side release


For a DIY option, check out my write-up here.


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