“Doc” Bryant

  (above, Navy SEAL Terry “Doc” Bryant from SEAL Team 1 ‘Victor’ Platoon with the Stoner 63, or Mk 23 mod0)

Terry “Doc” Bryant was one of the Corpsmen at SEAL Team ONE while I was there, and highly respected as an Operator in his own right despite not having been through BUD/S. He was one of the Hospital Corpsmen who had been through the Fleet Marine Force training for Corpsmen who were going to be assigned to the USMC. At that point in history the Navy’s BUMED said that “training to take lives” goes against the Hypocratic Oath sworn by medical professionals who are trained to “save lives” and they were therefore denied the ability to participate in BUD/S Training. 

We still needed Corpsmen in the UDT and SEAL Teams, so a few of the best FMF graduates were ASSIGNED to the Teams. Although not BUD/S graduates, those who were assigned to deployable SEAL platoons were put through the “Cadre” training (now referred to as SQT) and the platoon’s Pre-Deployment training and they operated alongside their fully trained SEAL Teammates. Most of the Corpsmen also went through DIVE training

SQT was conducted at its own training facility was carried out by combat veteran SEALs within the SEAL Team, and was a secondary training given to all BUD/S graduates who reported to ST1. All were required to complete that training (during which they were on 6-month probation) before being awarded their 5326 NEC and status as a “Combatant Swimmer, SEAL”. Many of the UDT “Frogmen” who rotated through the SEAL Team were not only Jump qualified (not req’d for UDT at that point in time), but were also veterans of the Cadre Training to ensure they had the skills needed for SEAL duty.
BUMED came to realize the errors in their logic and by 1973 most of the Corpsmen went through DIVE training, but not through either the LAND WARFARE or the HELL WEEK portions of BUD/S. By 1975 all Corpsmen serving with the Teams had to complete the full BUD/S course to qualify for “operator” status. 
There were, and still are, medical folks ASSIGNED to the Teams who didn’t/don’t go through BUD/S… but those are SUPPORT personnel, providing medical services within the SEAL compound and they are not deployable operators.
Doc Bryant was an Operator, despite not going through BUD/S and he is listed in the SEAL Database, along with all the other Corpsmen of that time frame who served in a similar capacity. He was, and is considered a “SEAL” by all of his Teammates… then AND now!
– Steve “Moose” Robinson


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