Je suis avec la France

My sincerest condolences to the deceased and wounded from the Paris attack. My prayers go out for all who are affected by this senseless attack on innocent people who’s only fault was to embrace Freedom and Peace.
I do not suffer from Islamophobia, all religions have a place in this world and no one religion has more rights than another to exist.
I do have issues with radicals who perverse ideologies and hatred are used within the context of religion as a vehicle for death and destruction.

I have issues with moderates who turn a blind eye and do nothing, do not speak out, who do not stand up for those radicals within their own religion.
I have issues with Liberals and the Political Correctness that has allowed us to become inept and not willing us to fight with all the intensity, determination, and ferocity that is required to destroy these Terrorists and Criminals.

I am willing to give up some personal freedoms so that we may fight this to win in the long run.

I am willing to train and fight so that if called or required I can stand up and be counted.

I am willing to lay down my life in this fight so that others do no not have to suffer these atrocities.
I have lived amongst them, I have been open to their religion, I have learned that there are good people in Islam, but I have also learned that there are many bad as well, it is these bad ones that we have to target… it is not about religion, it is about being a good person, taking care of the good people and standing up against the Terrorists and Criminal elements within them.
Je suis avec la France.



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