Tragedy in California 

I mourn the deaths of Americans in California at the hands of TERRORISTS, for this was very plainly a sequence intended to be “terrifying”. Every report thus far makes it abundantly clear that the actions which took place on Wed 2 Dec 2015 were premeditated, pre-planned, and required long preparation. It is painfully obvious that the individuals involved were intending far more destruction and mayhem than they were actually able to carry out. This was NOT a simple act of violence, carried out by a disgruntled employee, on the spur of the moment. 
It is also painfully obvious that while many LEO officials are truly doing their level best to get to the bottom of the whole twisted matter, there are far too many in the political pond who are already twisting, manipulating, molding, and shaping this investigation to their political advantage… long before the investigation is complete. This includes politicians on both sides of the aisles whose only interest is to gain the greatest advantage for their personal/party agendas, to gain the most power over others, and to do the most damage to their opponents’ agendas. The political maneuverings and shenanigans are shameful and insulting… but all too many of our population – citizenry and media representatives alike – have already bought into the rhetoric of one side or another and have already begun falling into line behind their “favorites”… never mind that the investigation is barely 24 hours old.

I am appalled at the damage done by the two (possibly three) terrorists in California, but I am even more appalled by the damage done by POLITICAL CORRECTNESS in this situation. All those who died, and all those who were injured (including at least two who may yet die), could have been saved if the single woman living next door to the terrorist couple had reported what she saw to the authorities.

She KNEW something was not right. She THOUGHT about reporting it to the authorities. But she did not. Had she not feared being punished/persecuted for “racism” – which she has admitted were her primary concerns in this matter – then all those lives would have been saved, and all that pain and anguish would not have taken place.

Lives were lost because fear of reprisals related to Political Correctness trumped notification of the authorities.

I am absolutely certain that the “labeling” process related to this incident will be manipulated, twisted, and molded to fit the heaviest/strongest political drivers. Despite the pervasive evidence presented to the public thus far, evidence which clearly indicates premeditation, and military-like planning, to include the use of terrorist-style improvised explosives, I fully expect this attack on our citizenry – like the Ft. Hood incident – to be incorrectly labeled as “Work Place Violence”. I fully expect that it will subsequently be used as just one more excuse in the ongoing effort to render our citizenry helpless and unarmed.

Every time someone BAD does something BAD with a gun, the politicians want to take away the LEGALLY OWNED guns possessed by the GOOD people, and to reduce the ability of those GOOD people to protect themselves and their fellows.

-Steve “Moose” Robinson


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