We lost a brother SEAL yesterday. Petty Officer Charlies Keating IV, serving with A WEST COAST SEAL TEAM, was killed in action on Tue 3 May 2016 in Iraq by ISIS forces while providing military assistance, training, and support to the Peshmerga forces of the Kurdish people. Though we learned of his loss early yesterday I and my SEAL Teammates refrained from posting anything until all notifications had been made to his family. Charlie Keating is widely remembered for his ever-present smile despite all adversity. I didn’t know Charlie personally, but he is a fellow SEAL and his loss diminishes us all.
I’ve been told that the PDK were pinned down and the SEALs who were in their non-combat “SUPPORT” status, shifted to COMBAT MODE, and moved in to rescue the Peshmerga. According to the latest report, the ISIS forces used bulldozers, and car bombs, and pushed in firing RPGs… one of which hit the white SUV that Keating was in. More details should probably NOT be discussed, although I’m certain that the countless news organizations will keep hammering at SECDEF, WARCOM, and any other govt element/individual in an attempt to get the detailed inside story. Suffice to say that our brother SEAL fell while attempting to save the lives of allies trapped under fire. He died a warrior’s death. His family and friends are crushed at his loss, and I personally know about 1,000 SEALs who are eager to be involved in evening the score on his behalf.


Steve Robinson


 above: Patrick D. Feeks (left) with Charles Keating (right) 



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