Background :

I just so happened to have an old HSGI WEESATCH gathering dust in my gear locker and I thought I would explore the viability of building a sort of QRAP (Quick Release Assault Panel) out of it that I could attach to my LBT Slick to allow me to run my mags and other kit straight off my plate carrier.

First I separated the rear panel off the WEESATCH, I did this simply by undoing the stitching that attached the two vertical straps to the rear panel. Once this is done, all I did was undo the 2 botton snaps at the top shoulder straps on the front panel and fold the bib down behind the lower part of the vest. Next, I undid the stiches on 5 rows of PALs on the bib which I run the front flap of the Slick through to keep it snug against the front of the PC. I then run the WEESATCH shoulder straps over the Slick shoulder straps and secure both under a pair of Eagle shoulder pads and tie the WEESATCH straps together behind the neck area. Next I run the cummerbund straps of the WEESTACH around and behind the Slick, over the Slick’s elastic cummerbund connecting it to the front via the 2” snap buckle. To don or remove the rig one simply has to undo the plastic snap buckle on the sides along with both the Slick’s elastic cummerbund straps and slip the rig over their head and secure everything in reverse.


Front View (top to bottom, left to right):

  • GPS
  • On admin panel: SS Precision Vlite (IR)
  • IR IFF Patch
  • TAD Gear Ranger Eyes
  • SOG SEAL Pup Knife
  • Chemlight
  • 6 M4 Magazines
  • Radio Unit
  • 2x 9mm Mags and Gerber multitool
  • CAT



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