DIY G3 BDU pant

I recently covered a brief history of the Raid-modded BDU top , so it is only fitting to include a short write-up on another easy modification that you can do to your existing BDU pant to enhance their comfort and utility.

Probably the most recognizable uniform modification is the RAID mod which has always been a personal modification so the only limit is what each individual user can come up with (or how much your CO will let you get away with), therefore each rendition will have their own unique variances. When aplied to pants, modifications are usually in the form of reinforced and/or padded knees or extra pockets, or pouches.

Probably the two most common modifications, typically applied to issued combat pants, usually performed by a skilled battalion seamstress, or tailor specializing in custom work is the “Raid Mod” and the “AC Mod”.

The “Raid-mod’ or “G3 mod” basically entails adding a Velcro adjustment tab at the back of the knee and replicating the Crye Precision (CP) knee pad pocket design of their very popular G3 pant to be able to accommodate the CP knee pad inserts. Though I have seen some where the CP kneepads have been permanently sewn into the knee area. Pockets are usually added as well depending on the particular user’s needs/wants.

(below is an example where the G3 Mod has been done on a pair of genuine Crye Precision G3 Field Pants)

A second modification, sometimes referred to as the “AC Mod”, which in addition to the above modifications adds high-mobility stretch panels preferably made up of a 4-way stretch fabric in the knees and lower back, a design based on the Crye Precsion’s G2 AC (Army Custom) Pant (discontinued). The added mobility panels puts enhanced flexion exactly where needed as well as provides more airflow during moments of high activity.

(below is a genuine pair of Crye Precision AC Pants)

These days, there is no shortage of companies offering tactical pants and modernized versions of issued combat trousers and those backed by the big green machine shouldn’t need to resort to DIY projects. But if you find yourself in a situation that leaves you needing (or wanting) to modify your issued pants below is an example of a DIY Raid-modded Vietnam era M81 woodland BDU pant that can be easily replicated by any tailor with some basic skills.

This particular pant features, Crye-style kneepad pockets and Velcro adjustment tabs at the back of the knee. You will also notice two 3.5″ x  5″ thigh pockets with Velcro flap closures have been added to the front of the upper thigh, which is designed to hold a standard 30 round AR magazine or other similarly sized items.



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