Gear Skins: DIY Gear Wrap

Seeing as I still have a bunch of extra material left over from the previous install, I thought I would wrap something else. After some thought I finally decided on my Safariland SLS (Self Locking System) Military holster.

After thoroughly cleaning all the holster’s surfaces I intended to wrap with a microfiber cloth and Frog Lube degreaser/cleaner,  I started by taking off the SLS hood system and the ambi-mounting plate cover,  to get it down to the basic shell. I cannot stress enough how important it is to ensure that the surface you plan on wrapping is free of any debris, dirt and oil. Next, I cut a rectangular section to about the rough size of the holster making sure leave a bit of over hang on all sides. The next step is to peel the cut section off the backing sheet.

I then began applying the heat gun to the material about an inch or two at a time while simultaneously pulling the vinyl across the holster then pressing down on the material, with my thumb smoothing any air bubbles and wrinkles  moving across the holster in a similar manner from left to right.

The key is to pull the vinyl taught while pressing out any air bubbles. Once in place, and the surface smoothed out as much as possible, I begin  cutting around the screws and outline of the holster and then reinstalling the SLS hood system and plate cover.

The whole install took me about 43mins including the time it took to reattach the holster to the drop-leg shroud. This was a very easy install, which yielded great results! I’d give this a 9/10 difficulty rating.

I’m pretty impressed with this product, the application possibilities are nearly endless and installing it is pretty easy depending on how detailed the object you are wrapping ofcourse. As a rule, things that aren’t to complex and are more curved, with less sharp angles will be easier to wrap. Since the Gun/Gearskin material is pretty forgiving and can be peeled off and reheated multiple times, the margin of error is pretty big . At a sub $60 price for an entire kit, Gunskins is something even inexperienced folks can easily do with rewarding results.


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