Tea Time with the APPF

 This evening, my American associates and I were invited to Tea by my APPF guard force. It was a very entertaining evening. One of my guards, Haji M. was telling us stories of becoming a Mujahidin as a young man after the Russians invaded Afghanistan.

(Mujahidin – “a military force of Muslim guerilla warriors engaged in a jihad.”)

Haji M. is on the right of the photo below, with his brother next to him, his brother was killed by the Taliban. He also showed us his identification card. Haji is pictured in the bottom center picture at the bottom left with his back to us. The Mujahidin was at that time supported by the CIA.

Haji is happily married with two wives and fifteen children and being one of the senior guards he is considered an Elder among the guards and is very well respected.

We shared stories, tea and candy and the American guests brought chips, candy bars, cup cakes for this impromptu Jirga. it was a very good evening as we were told stories of hardships, honor, and ultimate victory.





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