Haley Strategic Disruptive Grey Flatpack


Located in Scottsdale AZ, Haley Strategic Partners (HSP) has producing some bad ass gear since early 2011. Their HSP FlatPack was originally launched back in May 2015. The pack was originally offered in Multicam, Black, Coyote, and Ranger Green and in Sept 2015 they added what they call “Disruptive Grey” to their color pallet.

The pack was originally designed as an assault pack which was both slim in design and lightweight but also highly mission-adaptable. Although this pack was engineered  with the need of the Special Operations community in mind, the HSP FlatPack easily adapted to civilian life and are suited for all those looking for a compact every day carry pack without looking overly tactical. In September 2015 with the launch of their Disruptive Grey FlatPack, HSP added several new features to their original design.  Some of these features include; a spacer mesh back pad, absence of loop velcro on the front, and a 1” grey PVC HSP stitched patch.

Feature Highlights

  • Expandable gusset system – The adaptability from the FlatPack being able to transform from a practically flat profiled pack to a 750 cubic inch assault pack is the main sought after feature for this pack. Depending on your specific mission, you can go from carrying a small laptop or hydration bladder in the main compartment to carrying an outfitted chest rig all simply by unzipping the main compartment, displaying its hidden capacity.
  • D3CR™ or D3CR-H™ integration – Another big feature is the compatibility with HSP’s chest rig line. This pack comes with two side straps which can connect on the back of the pack at about the mid-level which allow integration for either the HSP D3CR or D3CR-H chest rigs. This integration allows the user to adapt to his or her environment and mission, going from an EDC to a full out assault platform. Because of this integration, the HSP FlatPack also makes for a great trunk pack as an outfitted D3CR can fit inside of the compressed FlatPack – ready to be deployed quickly for any situation. Because the pack uses 1 inch buckles it should be able to integrate with other non-HSP chest rigs using the same size buckles.



  • Spacer mesh back pad – This feature is something that HSP only added to the Disruptive Grey FlatPack as the original packs had MOLLE webbing sewn on the back, giving the option of mounting the FlatPack directly to a plate carrier. The Spacer mesh padding keeps the FlatPack from looking tactical and as added bonus, adds a layer of comfort and breathability for your back.
  • Adjustable shoulder straps – The straps on the FlatPack truly keep this pack as slim as possible as they really aren’t much. The straps are made of 1 ½” wide nylon webbing with hook and loop velcro sewn to the inside. The straps are routed through a square d-ring and folded onto themselves allowing the user to adjust the strap length based on their sizing requirements. The straps can also be unbuckled to allow integration with the D3CR and D3CR-H chest rigs as previously mentioned . Also provided are 2 elastic routing tabs in order to route a hydration tube or comms wiring. They aren’t the most comfortable straps and take some working in to get rid of their stiffness.


  • Disruptive Grey color – One of the main features of the FlatPack is that it comes in HSP’s signature Disruptive Grey color. This color allows the user to blend in with the crowd with a neutral color, thus following gray man methodology. The Disruptive Grey option is what drew me in as I wanted an EDC pack that wouldn’t stand out, that could accommodate my daily carry needs, and remain as small as possible .


  • Hydration bladder support – The FlatPack has a divided section within the main compartment allowing storage for your hydration bladder. The compartment has a velcro mounting option to hold up the bladder and an access port for the bladder tube exiting on the backside of the pack just 1 inch above the mesh padding.


Size and fit (I am about 5’7” and roughly 130lbs)

As previously mentioned the HSP FlatPack was designed completely for being low profile. When compressed the pack is roughly an inch thick – depending on what’s inside. It measures roughly 10 inches wide by 14 inches tall. As you can see in the picture below it sits slightly higher up my back. The 250 cubic inch HSP FlatPack (600 cubic inches when expanded) is deceptively small, and as my EDC pack it allows me to comfortably carry:

Main Compartment
– 11 inch Macbook air (inside a laptop sleeve)

Front Top Pocket
– Recycled Firefighter Truckie pouch (carrying my wireless Apple Mouse, gum, and a power bank for my iPhone)
– A small first aid kit (4” L x 3” W x 1” H) (see image for reference)
– A pair of Outdoor Research FR Firemark gloves
– Medical shears

Front Bottom Pocket
– Prometheus Design Werx 6×6 Tool Tile (carrying my Leatherman Sidekick, Stanley pen screwdriver, pen flashlight, and a few other items)

As you can see with everything noted above, my FlatPack still maintains a fairly slim profile.



Conclusion and Insights

I have been carrying the HSP FlatPack for several months now and I have to say it’s been a great commuter bag to and from work. I’ve been able to carry all of my regular EDC items with ease and have been able to accommodate gym clothes or a jacket by simply expanding the pack. It sits higher up on my back and feels comfortable enough for me given that I only really wear it when I am walking to and from my car at work. Although I haven’t had the opportunity to travel with this pack yet, it would be a great pack to take to the skies with due to its small size. It would fit perfectly in the overhead compartments or at your feet on the floor.

If I had to change something with this pack I would definitely look at adding a thin layer of padding on the shoulder straps as they do take quite a bit of time to work in and they aren’t very comfortable when wearing the pack for extended periods of time. The only other thing I would change would be to add some sort of pocket organization in the smaller front pocket. Even if it had hook velcro sewn on the inside and sold different configuration panels that could be attached, this would help give this pack more options when packing various items. I made do by adding my PDW 6×6 panel but without it I would just have to throw everything in all together with no organization – which would drive me nuts.

With the HSP FlatPack retailing for $135 US / $182 CAD I would say it’s pretty reasonably priced given its expandable design and compatibility with the HSP D3CR.

If you’re in the market for an expandable, single-day hike pack to carry the bare essentials then this is a pack I would highly recommend. I would still recommend a larger pack for those times you need to carry more or for those longer hikes as the FlatPack wouldn’t be able to accommodate the space and it also wouldn’t be very comfortable due to the lack of padding on the straps.



Company Info

Haley Strategic Partners LLC is located in Scottsdale Arizona and was founded by Travis Haley back in 2011. They not only design and create high quality products but also provide basic and advanced weapons manipulation training through their D5 (Disruptive 5cience) and D3 (Disruptive 3nvironements) courses.

15651 N. 83rd way Ste. C1-B, Scottsdale, AZ 85260


– Magz


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