We’re all about Tactical Gear here; …whether it’s gear being used by hard chargers beyond the wire, or the latest and greatest, tacti-cool sh*t, we are all about it!

SPEAR Tactical Development Group (STDG) is comprised of content creators from diverse backgrounds, areas of expertize and experience. Our admin consist of  “Victor”, a former member of the Canadian Special Forces Community turned Private Security Contractor, “Moose”, a retired SEAL Team 1 frogman, “B.A.D.” a Private Security Contractor/Spatial Security Adviser currently working in South Africa,”N.E.S.T” a former Private Security Contractor and current dog handler, Keith J. a veteran of the US army who has spent the last 5+ years doing contractor work in Afghanistan, “V60” a former member of the Canadian Infantry who was medically discharged (non-combat related), Steve J.; an outdoor enthusiast with a serious case of gear and gun addiction, and “Mags” the EDC guy and resident tech who is always working behind the scenes making sure everything is running smoothly.

While our topics will primarily focus on tactical gear and firearms, we will also write about our musings on various topics from: all things military, ‘bushcraft’ , survival, tactics and training, relevant current events, to some things as simple as what gets us up in the morning.

Check us out on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SPEARtacdevgru

(please note that images and content found herein is the intellectual property of SPEAR Tactical Development Group (STDG) and its respective authors and may not be used in whole or in part without explicit written permission from SPEAR Tactical Development Group and/or its respective authors. The reviews, write ups and various articles found here represent the opinion of its author and is purely based on his own unique experiences. STDG is not affiliated with any companies or organizations and does not receive any monetary compensation for any of our content. )



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